NESF Boston - The Most dedicated No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu School in Greater Boston


Group photo of students at NESF Boston.

At NESF Boston, we want our students to have the best training experience possible. To that end, here are some ideas which help shape our gym’s culture.

Teaching begins at the start of class.

Our classes begin with low intensity technical drilling, allowing students to begin learning right away. If you want more dedicated time to warm-up, you’re welcome to arrive a bit early or warm-up on your own at the start of class. We don’t require group warm-ups.

Running late? No problem.

We want you to be able to train around your busy schedule. If you arrive late just check-in, get changed, and join us on the mat without being loud or disruptive. Your training partner can get you up to speed. Leaving class early is also acceptable.

All students are treated equally.

Ranking is meant to encourage and recognize skill development, not to segregate students. Training with partners of different skill levels is crucial to the learning process. Students may ask any other student to train, regardless of rank. Students are expected to share the mat space and be courteous of others, regardless of rank.

Cross-training is good.

The world of combat sports is immense and growing fast. Cross-training is a fantastic way to explore new techniques, build connections in the martial arts community, and have a blast with new training partners. We are confident that you will benefit from training with us, so we feel no need to limit your training at other schools.

Techniques are chosen based on effectiveness, not tradition.

With 30+ years on the mats, we understand that this game is evolving constantly. It is important to adapt and implement new techniques to avoid becoming stale. If a technique works, we will do our best to safely integrate into our curriculum.

Wear any gear you choose, within reason.

We value our students’ ability to express themselves and feel comfortable on the mats. Wear any gear you’d like. We only ask that you consider the safety and health of other students by adhering to our Dress Code guidelines. If you’re looking to rock some NESF Boston gear, we have some for sale at the front desk.

Don‘t endanger your training partners for a highlight reel.

Technique applied recklessly is bad technique. Using intensity to overcome a lack of technical understanding and control is unacceptable. While we encourage our students to occasionally test themselves at higher intensity, we expect them to always have the safety of their training partner in mind.